Monday, August 13, 2012

Craig Yerdon's Organically Managed Beekeeping Podcasts

I have been really enjoying Craig's podcast about organic hive methods. A couple of things have been repeated enough times in just a few episodes to make me understand their importance.

1. I need to stop with the large cell foundation for reasons made very clear by Craig and his guests
2. I need to switch over to 8 frame mediums for all my hive boxes, again for various reasons.
3. I need to re-listen to the pod casts and write down a few things that will make me a better keeper.

The things I am hearing help me to better understand the nature of bees. I always felt that if I had to keep the bees alive by artificial or pharmacological methods I would need to just get out of the hobby.

It sounds like I can have success without introducing foreign materials into the hives - that's perfect...



Gary Fawcett - kiwimana beekeeping supplies said...

Yep it’s a real shame that Craig isn’t producing the podcast anymore.

I really enjoy Phil Chandlers “Barefoot Beekeeper” ( podcast as well as Kevins BK Corner Podcast (


Gary Fawcett

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