Friday, August 23, 2013

Trapout in Bergen - Video update

I didn't have any fresh eggs to place in the trapout, so I contacted Jill at‎. She was great and sold me a laying queen so I was able to get things all set up. Here is the video of what was done.

I'm going to go over and remove the cone from the tree to allow the new established hive to rob-out the old hive in the tree. I assume there is a lot of honey left behind and I want this new hive to build up enough stores to make it through winter.

With only one hive really established back at our apiary, we won't have much honey to harvest this year. Hopefully, if we continue to grow we will be able to split some hives in the future.


Anonymous said...

Not sure why you took out the Nurse bees, But they help keep her alive in the mean time while you give her time to be accepted. That is why we put them in there for her. Joe

Shoreline Sailboats said...

Yeah Joe, I read some accounts that people remove the attendants over concerns that they might fight with bees from a new hive. Some remove them and some don't, but I find little evidence that one way is better than another.

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