There are a couple terms being used today for the type of beekeeping we do at Oak Orchard Honey. One is Natural Beekeeping and the other term is Organically Managed Beekeeping.

Beekeeping, for the most part, is managing and manipulating nature for our own means. So, the term Natural "Manipulation" can seem like apposing thoughts for most people perhaps. What we do as natural beekeepers is to let nature take its course for the most part. To make bees want to stay in our hives can be a bit tricky; it's not a hollow in a tree, and that is the cause for some of our troubles. Top bar hives are synonymous with the idea of letting bees build natural shaped comb, and therefore carry out more natural existence. We do not use top bar hives at this time. 

The other term, Organically Managed Beekeeping applies to what types of materials that we allow our bees to come in contact. We do not provide our bees with any antibiotics, antibacterials, mite control, or other medications. We don't put anything in the hives except bees and stuff bees have made. If our bees survive, they are following the course of natural selection. Of course we are intervening in the natural order of things, but we also provide the world around us with more honey bees each time one of our hives swarms.

When we keep bees we know that the natural process will allow our bees to produce more queens that will take a large portion of bees to find a new home in the hollow of a tree or a hole in a barn. As beekeepers we ultimately propagate more honey bees back into their natural habitat.

Egyptian tombs show that beekeeping was going on about 2400 BC. Even with humans manipulating bee life for over 4,000 years, it can still be said that there is more art than science to beekeeping.

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